Step 1. Add Employees

There are several ways to add employees:

  • Add employees one at a time.Go to the gear Symbol and choose employees. Click the add employee button and enter the required information. If you’ve added the texting package, make sure you have the mobile numbers of your employees to enter it here.
  • Import multiple employees at the same time.Go to the gear Symbol and choose import. Download the csv file template and fill out the information needed. Once you have it filled out save the file to your computer. Click the choose file button and import the csv file you created. Once done click upload and all of your employees will be imported into the system.
  • When you’ve added your employees they will receive an email invitation letting them login to the system using the username and password provided in the email.

Step 2. Add Positions

Positions tag employees to a particular duty or skill. Tagging your employees with their position makes sure there are scheduled for jobs they are trained for.

  • The first action on the dashboard is to go to the gear symbol on the dashboard and choose the positions tab.
  • Once there enter the position and click add position